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Bangladesh Standards & Testing Institution
Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI), the only National Standards body of Bangladesh, is playing an important role in developing and Promoting industrial Standardization.
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Bangladesh Jute Research Institute
Bangladesh Jute Research Institute is a government website which has information on jute and agricultural researches, achievement in agriculture, different projects, tender and publications.
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Chittagong City Corporation
This is an official website of Chittagong City Corporation. Here you can learn about on going projects, departments, services provided, information and interesting facts and the famous port city Chittagong.
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Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC)
Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) is a Government Autonomous Organization. It is the only Government Organization which is related to Seed Production and Seed Distribution.
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Local Government Engineering Department (LGED)
LGED is playing a pivotal role in rural infrastructure development. People at large in rural Bangladesh are now enjoying the benefits of LGED.
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Dhaka Transport Coordination Board (DTCB)
Official site of Dhaka Transport Coordination Board (DTCB), Ministry of Dhaka Transport Coordination Board (DTCB)Communication, Bangladesh
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RAB - Rapid Action Battalion
Special force under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Home Affairs in order to make the crime free society. Prevent crimes and eliminate criminals.
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National Academy for Primary Education (NAPE),
National Academy for Primary Education is the apex institution for training, research, academic supervision and educational management of primary education in Bangladesh.
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Skills Development Project of Bangladesh (SDP)
Skills Development Project (SDP) is to support the Bangladesh Government’s poverty reduction strategy to the poor and the marginalized while, promoting economic growth and productivity.
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Prime Ministers Office
Prime Ministers Office (PMO) is the office of the Head of the Government of Bangladesh. All the activities of prime ministers held on here.
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Bangladesh Police
Bangladesh Police Official Site. Press release, crime, complaints, human rights, rab rapid action batellion.
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Bangladesh - Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Finance, office of Government of the Peoples republic of Bangladesh.
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Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council
Information About Agricultural Research in Bangladesh
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Deputy Commissioner Bandarban
Bandarban District with an area of 4479 sq km, is bounded by RANGAMATI district on the north, Arakan (Myanmar) and the river NAF on the south, Arakan and Rangamati district on the east and CHITTAGONG.
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Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) was established in February 1973 through the promulgation of the Presidential Order 15 of 1973.
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