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Multipoint Technology Ltd.
Multipoint Technology Ltd. endeavor to be an equipment supplier. We dedicate to keep pace with the ever-changing technologies and provide the most timely products to our clients.
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Supersign Cables
Super sign Industries Limited established in 1963 and has been the leading cable manufacturer of the nation for more than four decade.Well equipped with modern machines,super sign manufactures various types of power,control,Telecommunication and cables
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Barkatullah Electro Dynamics Ltd
Baraka Power Limited is a joint collaboration of local and a group of Non Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) entrepreneur. Baraka Power is the only private sector power generating company developed by a group of NRB investors
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Siemens Bangladesh Ltd.
Siemens Bangladesh Ltd. has emerged as a leading inventor, innovator and implementer of leading-edge technology enabled solutions operating in the core business segments of Industry, Energy, Healthcare and Infrastructure and Cities.
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Milnars Pumps Limited (MPL)
Milnars Pumps Limited has a history of over four decades.It was originally founded in 1961 in the name of KSB Pumps Company Limited when the country was just on the verge of making a breakthrough in agricultural production of food.
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Bengal Cables
Bengal Cables is one of the best cable and wire manufacturers,established in 1995.For 3 decades,it has been one of the leading manufacturers of quality wires and cables.It manufactures various types of domestic,power,control according to XLPE & PVC cables
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Singer Electronics
The presence of SINGER in Bangladesh dates back to the British colonial era when the country was a part of the Indian sub continent. The first operation of Singer began in 1905. Later, in 1920, two shops were set up in Dhaka and Chittagong.
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Techno Hvac Systems Ltd
Techno HVAC System Ltd as one of the best air conditioning house in the country.We have acquired group experience of working with many Multinational,Government.Our engineers, marketing people and technicians are well skilled to satisfy valued customers.
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Walton Bangladesh
Walton is the latest multinational electrical, electronics, automobiles and other appliances brand with one of the largest well equipped R&D facilities in the world carried out its production under the banner of Walton group in BD.
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Paradise Cables Ltd
Paradise Cables Limited as the name implies,is dedicated to manufacturing of electrical (copper/aluminium) cables of both PVC and XLPE insulated as well as aluminium conductors.It came into being by launching its products in 1989.
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New Universal Office Equipment
New Universal Office Equipment has been in business for over 10 years providing quality products to businesses of all sizes. In that time, one thing that remains at the heart of our ethos is customer satisfaction.
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Obsidian is a multi-discipline project management, procurement, engineering and supply company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Basing on our global collaboration our alliance has been a practical conduit for projects and supply around the global.
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Allied Solar
Allied Solar has Mainstream of our economy depends on agriculture and it is the core element for living 85% people of BD. ITS brought wide range of solar power application to ensure better cultivation and more productivity of agriculture.
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Adex Power
ADEX Group of Co.started off with Adex Corporation Ltd.in 1982 and now expanded into different wings to provide Complete Power System. We strictly follow ISO 9001:2008 standards and products are tested in highly equipped world class testing laboratory.
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One Power Engineering
Onepower is company was born in 2008, for the purpose of solving the power generation problem as sales, and rental of generator sets, with continuing this portion, there is an ITC company named onepower infotech was born in 2009.
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