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First World Fashion
First world fashion has always trying to get best possible quality goods with great service. Our responsibilities include factory evaluation,preparation of buyers visit,order and production control,quality inspections,inline as well as final inspections
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Adiba Tex
Customers are highly valued in Adiba Tex Corp.and as a team we try and make sure that our customers are fully satisfied with our performance and results.We always ensure that our customers are happy with us by giving them sampling, production.
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F.L. Garments Accessories Ltd.
F.L Garments Accessories ltd is a proceeding accessories company of Readymade Garments Industry in Bangladesh. It is an garment accessories, exporter, importer, manufacturer & suppliers company.
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Fakir Knitwear Limited.
Fakir Knitwears Limited is a comprehensive manufacturing and exporting company of BD. It comprises the ultra modern plants related to garment industry, such as independent knitting, dyeing, sewing, finishing and packaging with sufficiently supportive.
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GGB Ltd. is 100% export oriented one of the leading ready made knit garments suppliers & buying agent with full vertical set-up located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It brings global technologies, innovations in designing modern up-to-date fashion wears.
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Eve Group
Eve Group has been in Shirt Manufacturing business since 1984. The second generation is slowly taking over but we made sure that the tradition is being passed down in terms of Honesty, Integrity & Passion.
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Biswas Group
Biswas Group was established in 1985. Biswas Group deals in Apparels, Textiles & Accessories.We own 9 fully automated garments factories in Dhaka. 7 associate factories in Dhaka
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A.R.Fashion Outfit Ltd. has been providing quality ready made garments since our founding in 2003. We are 100% export oriented OEM manufacturer and also doing ODM for our valauble customer.
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MJ Group
MJ Group is one of the leading manufacturer in BD. it has perfectly combines strengths and expertise in garment manufacturing service suitable for industry needs. With the mission of providing the top quality services to its customers.
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DRS Group
Dhaka Representation Ltd is A Representation office of DRS Group.It is recognized as one of the reputed buying house in BD.The company specializes in areas of quality checking, production & timely deliveries, online & post production inspections.
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Prisma Bangladesh Ltd
Prisma BD LTD is a registered pvt limited company operating as a buying house in the Ready Made Garment sector.As a Buying Unit,we are committed to assure the goods purchased on behalf of our world wide clients conform to the Customers requirement.
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GDM Wear Ltd.
GDM Wear Limited is a well established company with the experiences and qualifications of the management are for more than 15-25 years in the Manufacturing & Merchandising Garments & Buying House Sector.
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Feeda Fashion House
Feeda fashion house is well established reputed garment buying house in Dhaka,BD. We have an experienced, hard working sale, procurement & quality control team which can provide you with a complete service supplying quality garments at competitive prices
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Knit Expert
Knit Expert Limited is a leading manufacturer of high quality knit garments offering international buyers a one-stop destination for cutting-edge knitwear products and related services
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Crescent Fashion & Design ltd
Crescent Fashion and Design Limited a member of Beximco Group started its commercial production in 2005.CFDL is a 100% export oriented woven garment industry.It produces about 5 million pcs of high quality mens & ladies tops & bottoms for prominent brands
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